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Bringing Science to Mental Health®

Committed to helping improve the lives of individuals suffering from mental health concerns 

We are commited to advancing the technology surrounding mental health

Our commitment to research


The original research almost 20 years ago at Cincinnati Children Hospital Medical Center.  Our foundational technology was initially built and refined across three clinical studies.


We have since conducted four additional studies across therapeutic populations and diverse demographic clinical studies that have informed our product, Clairity. We are simultaneously working on other research and development initiatives to expand our product offering. A current clinical research project will help us evaluate and refine models further, including NIH-funded work to detect and eliminate bias in our algorithms. We are proud to work in affiliation with internationally regarded research institutions and clinician-scientists.

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Current Trials

Get involved in one of our ongoing research opportunities below


CAMPUS-E Virtual

Who: Volunteers ages 18+

What: Answer questions and talk about your feelings and mental state for ~10 minutes

Where: Secure online portal

Our CAMPUS-E Virtual trial
Our CAMPUS-E Therapy trial

CAMPUS-E Therapy

Who: Clinical Therapist and their client aged 8-75

What: Clairity mental health interview is recorded at the start of the session

Where: Online/In Person

Completed Trials

Partner with Us

Clarigent Health, in affiliation with major research institutions and internationally regarded clinician-scientists, conducts research in advanced technologies to assist in both the understanding of and recommendation of treatment for behavioral and mental health conditions.


This research evaluates new methods to assist clinicians in diagnosing and treating mental illnesses such as major depression, anxiety disorders, and cognitive and memory problems in adolescents, adults, and senior individuals. We are particularly interested in research to assist in identification of individuals that are in danger of inward or outward crisis, including suicide and violence prevention.

Clarigent Research Grants

Clarigent Research Grants support studies aimed at increasing our understanding of how advanced technologies can assist in the identification of individuals with mental or behavioral health issues. Of particular interest is identification of individuals at risk for suicide or acts of violence towards others. 

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