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Clarigent Sponsored Research

Clarigent Research Grants support studies aimed at increasing our understanding of how advanced technologies can assist in the identification of individuals with mental or behavioral health issues. Of particular interest is identification of individuals at risk for suicide or acts of violence towards others.


Investigators from all academic disciplines are eligible to apply, and both basic science and applied research projects will be considered, provided that the proposed study has an essential focus on issues of interest to Clarigent Health. 


A current grantee may submit a new application as their grant nears completion but it will typically not be funded until completion of the current grant and submission of a Final Report. 


New grantees must begin their studies within 3 months of the approved start date. Failure to begin the study within this timeframe may result in withdrawal of the grant award.

Allowable Costs

Compensation for Investigators or Personnel (including fringe benefits), Consultant

Fees, Consumable Research Supplies, Costs for Measures, Tests, or Procedures, Travel (if required to achieve research), Subject or Participant Fees, IRB Fees.


Facilities and Administrative costs (F&A; also referred to as indirect costs or overhead) are those costs associated with the conduct of sponsored activities that are incurred for common or joint objectives and therefore are not readily identifiable with a specific project.


Our indirect cost policy provides that the indirect cost rate may not exceed 10 percent of the direct costs of the project, excluding the costs of consultants, contractors and subgrants.


Applicants should begin our process by submitting a signed proposal synopsis of no more than five pages. In addition, please include a current curriculum vitae and any supporting previous published work. Letters of support are welcome but not necessary

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