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Building cutting edge technology for mental health - the right way

We build innovative AI algorithms to help measure mental health. Because we are entrusted with very sensitive, personal data, we prioritize data security and AI fairness. We are committed to researching and refining our technology with diverse groups of people to ensure our tools can support earlier detection and better outcomes for all.

Our Artificial Intelligence

Clairity AI is our proprietary model that analyzes speech to help measure mental health risk. Our model is based on almost 20 years of clinical research in natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms. These studies showed that there are suicidal “thought markers” that cause changes in speech, which can be detected and measured with AI.

Mental Health Artificial Intelligence
Data privacy and security

Data Security & Privacy

Our AI models analyze client/patient speech to identify vocal biomarkers for mental health risk. To do this, voice samples are securely transmitted to a HIPAA compliant cloud server, and analyzed by our patented AI models.


Because we are entrusted with very sensitive, personal data, we prioritize data security and ensure data remains encrypted in transit and when stored.

Ensuring no Bias and Constantly Improving

AI models identify patterns based on training data. Bias can find its way into AI models if the training sample is skewed. For example, if a group of people were over- or underrepresented in the sample, or if their data was collected during unusual circumstances (such as during a pandemic). Our researchers are continuously verifying that our models are not biased based on demographics, environmental conditions, timing, or other factors. We recently were awarded a grant from the NIH to support this ongoing commitment to ensure our models can support better outcomes for all.

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