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Join our Kiosk study to help improve our data

Join A Study At Home

The voice data you donate will be used by scientists and researchers to further scientific understanding of mental and emotional health. Giving researchers access to your voice could change the scope of human knowledge about mental health. 


Thank you for helping us to bring science to mental health!

Why are you recording my voice?

Your voice data will be used by scientists and researchers to identify vocal biomarkers of mental health. Research has shown that mental health status (among many other factors) can influence speech production. With machine learning, subtle characteristics of speech can be detected and measured. By measuring speech, scientists can detect and learn about mental illness to support better decisions and treatment. 


Thank you for supporting better mental health outcomes!

Data Security

Keeping your data secure and private is a top priority for Clarigent Health. Your data and speech will be encrypted.  


What you say will stay private, and only reviewed, by scientists and researchers for analysis using Clarigent’s machine-learned model for suicidal risk and other mental health issues.

Data security is extremely important to us

What To Expect

Once you fully complete your study session, you will be compensated for your time.

At the start of the study meeting, the researcher can answer any questions you have about the Informed Consent and PHI Consent forms before proceeding with the study.

By clicking participate, you will be directed to a secure online Informed Consent and a link to schedule your study session.

Study procedures for our Kiosk clinical study

United States residents age 18+ may join Clarigent Health’s study to help save lives and improve mental health treatment. Your voice data will be used to study and build machine learning technology to help clinicians quickly identify mental health concerns from voice, supporting better treatment and outcomes.

During the study, the researcher will administer mental health assessments and conduct an interview asking about your thoughts and feelings while we record your speech. The study takes less than 30 minutes.

Please note:

Access to a computer or smartphone with video is needed to participate in the study. The study should be conducted in a quiet and private location. You will be asked to authenticate your identity. Your data will be de-identified, encrypted, and stored on a secure server.

Want to Participate?

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