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Community Screening

Use Clairity to help assess who is at highest risk to help inform response. For school populations, universities, primary care, and employee groups such as first responders


Brief Clairity check-in at the start

or between therapy sessions.

telehealth mental health interview
Risk Radar


Clairity analyzes brief interviews to help alert the response team of potential risk, particularly a serious risk such as suicidal ideation. This can help inform decisions about the next steps and level of resources or intervention offered.

"People don’t always admit they want to kill themselves. Often, they only send vague signals. As therapists, we cannot process data in the same way as artificial intelligence. Anything that can give us an indication we would otherwise not pick up is a big help."

-Debbie Gingrich, LISW-S  Chief Clinical Officer at Best Point Behavioral Health

Debbie Gingrich
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