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Measuring Mental Health From Your Voice

  • Takes about 5 minutes

  • Backed by almost 20 years of clinical research

  • Identifies risks missed by other methods


Answer a few questions about how you are feeling with a virtual agent on any PC, tablet, or smartphone from the privacy of your own home.

Just like an X-ray, MRI, or blood test can provide objective biomarkers about physical health, Clairity uses vocal biomarkers to help detect subtle warning signs of suicide, depression, and anxiety.

Clairity can serve as a stand-alone tool or plug into any existing mental health service including telehealth platforms, primary care, EAPs, and school or community screening.

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Meet our CEO, Don Wright

Bringing Science to Mental Health® to help save lives, improve outcomes, and increase access to mental health professionals.

Mental healthcare has seen fewer breakthrough discoveries than other fields, in part due to underfunding and stigma. Meanwhile, the average wait time to access behavioral health services is six weeks and can stretch to several months. At Clarigent Health, we are working to change that. This mission is deeply personal to our founder, Don Wright, who lost his son to suicide in 2017.

A Few of Our Partners

Cincinnati Children's
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