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Use Clairity to monitor treatment progress, inform treatment with additional risk assessment and identify trends over time. For outpatient therapy, residential treatment, behavioral health integration and collaborative care management



Brief Clairity check-in at the start

or between therapy sessions.

Check in with Clairity at the start of your session


Risk Radar

Clairity helps uncover risks from language pattern thoughtmarkers 

Data trends can help inform when a change is needed.

"Having my clients use the Clairity check-in between sessions allows us to explore greater depths during our regular sessions. When one client scored high in Clairity, we were able to address suicidal ideation, triggers, and create a safety plan. The Clairity process opened some pain points, but in a way that is still safe and honors their experience."

Brad Fittes

-Brad Fittes, LPCC, Owner/Clinical Counselor at Launch Point Counseling LLC

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