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Clarigent Health and Terrace Metrics partner to enable first-of-its-kind mental health offering for Hamilton County Juvenile Court

Terrace Metrics provides risk and resilience profiles, and Clarigent Health helps clinicians identify vocal biomarkers of suicidal risk.  These screening and assessment tools will help the Court tailor a response that includes appropriate service connection for system-involved youth based upon risk, needs and strengths.

MASON, OH – June 29, 2021 – Clarigent Health, a mental health technology company, and Terrace Metrics, a behavioral health and wellness assessment company, today announced their business alliance as they prepare to launch a combined solution. The Hamilton County Juvenile Court signed agreements with the companies to enhance the Court’s innovative programs designed to help assess and address behavioral health issues among the youth in its jurisdiction.

"We are proud to be the first court in the country to use these cutting-edge tools to better understand and serve our children," stated Judge Melissa Powers, Administrative/Senior Judge of Hamilton County Juvenile Court.

Terrace Metrics is an evidence-based system that measures, monitors, and manages behavioral health for children and adults. Terrace Metrics is already employed in hundreds of workplaces, school districts and schools across the U.S., offering an empirically validated system to measure, monitor, and manage behavioral health. Accessible through multiple platforms, the system automatically generates three types of reports for individuals, parents, groups, and organizations. Terrace Metrics is designed to help individuals and organizations improve strengths such as hope, social resiliency, grit, and leadership qualities, and reduce risk factors such as anxiety, victimization/bullying, traumatic stress, and social rejection.

Clarigent Health’s platform, Clairity, identifies vocal biomarkers to help inform clinicians of potential mental health risks including suicidal risk. Clairity’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) models are based on more than ten years of clinical research. The models are trained on a variety of voice samples including those from individuals diagnosed with a mental illness or who have attempted suicide or experienced suicidal ideation. When Clairity analyzes speech, it recognizes when a person’s vocal biomarkers have similar features and alerts the clinician to the level of risk to help inform diagnosis and treatment. With AI assistance creating a wider safety net to help detect warning signs, clinicians are empowered to focus on the human elements of their decision making.

The partnership and combined solution of Terrace Metrics and Clairity come as communities face the downstream effects of prolonged isolation and disruption of educational routine due to COVID-19 for many youths. Clinicians are strained, responding to the increase of mental health concerns stemming from months of stress, anxiety, and isolation. The combined solution is designed to empower response teams with objective data-driven insights to understand holistic needs of the youth. By identifying each youth’s unique risks and protective factors, a personalized plan can be formed. With clinically validated tools and artificial intelligence, the solution helps identify upstream risks to inform earlier intervention, with the goal of preventing future crisis and further involvement with the Juvenile Court.

“We are thrilled to be working alongside Terrace Metrics and Hamilton County Juvenile Court to support a comprehensive needs assessment,” said Clarigent founder and CEO, Don Wright. “Clairity provides the clinical team with data and analytics that they have never had before, to help them make the right care decisions.”

“We are honored to partner with Clarigent on this important endeavor, which will enable better outcomes for the youth of Hamilton County through the use of our combined innovative, holistic approaches and data-driven insights,” said Rich Gilman, Co-Founder and President of Terrace Metrics.

About Clarigent Health:

Clarigent Health was founded in 2018 and backed by an experienced team of investors led by CincyTech. Clarigent Health is committed to improving mental health care and saving lives. Using our patented AI algorithms to detect vocal biomarkers, Clarigent Health designs products that are both easy to understand and easy to use. Our solutions are built to empower mental health professionals to provide better treatment for better outcomes. Clarigent Health is advancing scientific understanding and our own product capabilities through ongoing clinical trials and research. We are grateful to our many partners, scientific advisors, and clinician-scientists working with us on these efforts.

About Terrace Metrics:

Terrace Metrics was created by licensed psychologists, educators, and experts in behavioral health, social-emotional learning, and curriculum development. The system covers K-12 and higher education students and educators, corporate environments, and specialized settings such as first responders and healthcare.  Terrace Metrics provides a comprehensive analysis of the most robust, empirically supported indicators of behavioral health and adversity.  In just 15 minutes, individuals complete an online assessment, and the results are immediately provided to either members of a response team (if minors), or directly to the user (if adult). These results are converted into several products, including videos, parent and teacher curricula, a self-guided curriculum, and other comprehensive resources. Among youth, Terrace Metrics can quickly identify and allow response teams to help those who are struggling at the lower end of the behavioral health continuum and formulate strategies to advance them higher in the continuum.


About Hamilton County Juvenile Court:

Judge Melissa Powers, Administrative/Senior Judge, has served Hamilton County for over 20 years. Previously, Judge Powers established the first Hamilton County Veteran Treatment Court that incorporated an innovative team approach and community collaboration to address the unique needs of justice-involved combat veterans. Hamilton County Juvenile Court is entrusted to hear and decide all cases with children as the subject of a legal complaint. The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges has distinguished the Court as a model court whose best practices are worthy of replication by other court systems.


Learn more:

Visit Clarigent Health website or schedule a Clarigent Health demo. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn For media inquiries please contact Margaret Millea Walsh


Visit Terrace Metrics’ website. For media inquiries, please contact Dr. Rich Gilman at


Visit Hamilton County Juvenile Court's website. Follow the Court on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

For interviews or media inquiries, please contact Heather Chura Smith at

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