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  • Combines an on-demand counseling session with a mental health professional and the Clairity screener.

  • Available 24/7. No appointment and no waiting.

  • All done from the privacy of your own home.

  • Currently available for ages 18+. Kids 12-17 coming soon.

  • Purchase for yourself, friend, or loved one.

  • Priced to be on par or in many cases lower than a typical paid mental health counseling session.

Introductory Offer

Only $99 per person

Includes screener + consultation

Clarigent Mental Health Assessment

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What exactly does Clairity do?
Language can reveal your internal emotional state

Our AI algorithms are trained on a variety of voice samples including individuals who have been diagnosed with a mental illness or have attempted suicide. When Clairity analyzes speech it recognizes when the person’s voice exhibits similar features, and alerts the clinician to the level of risk. This gives clinicians confidence that they are not missing warning signs.


How is this different than other mental health screeners?

Clairity has been proven to be much more precise than the current methods that exist today to identify suicide, depression, or anxiety risks. It detects subtler or hidden warning signs that other tools miss. 
The core technology has been researched and developed for almost 20 years. It originated at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center where analyses were done on the largest ever collection of suicide notes donated by bereaved families. Clinical research proved machine learning algorithms could pick up small differences in a person’s language to identify suicide risk. Algorithms were later refined to also detect risks of depression and anxiety.


“Over 55 million people are suffering with their mental health. Too many of them are missed today due to a lack of screening or the inability to access behavioral services which can take months. We need better self care solutions to identify early warning signs so people can get the help they deserve.” 
Ashley Hudak, MA, LPC, CWPC
Director of Clinical Service Delivery, Clarigent Health

Why we do this

At Clarigent Health, we care about people and believe in prioritizing mental health the same as physical health. We believe mental healthcare deserves cutting edge technology to empower clinicians to help save lives and improve outcomes.

The mental health system is under stress. There is a shortage of clinicians while patient need is at an all time high. It takes patients an average of six weeks to access behavioral health services. Despite this, there are clinicians that have excess capacity. We want to be a conduit to connect people to excess capacity so they can get the immediate attention they deserve.  

Mental health interview
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