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Clairity is aligned with Zero Suicide framework

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What is Zero Suicide?

Suicide deaths for patients at risk of suicide in health and behavioral health systems are preventable. For systems dedicated to improving patient care and outcomes, the Zero Suicide framework presents both an aspirational challenge and a way forward.​


Lead system-wide culture change committed to reducing suicides


Train a competent, confident, and caring workforce


Identify individuals with suicide risk via comprehensive screening and assessment


Engage all individuals at-risk of suicide using a suicide care management plan


Treat suicidal thoughts and behaviors using evidence-based treatments


Transition individuals through care with warm hand-offs and supportive contacts


Improve policies and procedures through continuous quality improvement

How Clairity supports

  • The Clairity interview is accessible so the entire staff can be trained. This will help ensure there is no wrong-door access.

  • The decision support information provided by our tool is designed to empower clinical staff with objective, easy-to-read insights.

  • Clairity can be used to engage the client in shared decision making, collaborative safety planning and patient-centered care. It supports a collaborative care management model by enabling more efficient consultations and information sharing between providers.

  • Clairity is designed to track progress and data over time, supporting evidence-based treatment, outcome tracking and quality improvement. We can also envision this to track fidelity to the Zero Suicide framework.

  • Patient summaries are designed to inform warmer handoffs at intake and inpatient discharge. The Clairity interview can also serve as a priming experience for the client to anticipate what a therapy session can offer them

  • We work with partners to integrate into their clinical workflow and EMRs

Any Questions?

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