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Clinician interviewing patient

Technology to  Empower Clinicians

Clairity gives clinicians an objective and supportive way to identify and measure their patient/client's mental health risk. Clinicians can focus on the human conversation while the artificial intelligence (AI) listens alongside and returns valuable insights including a risk score and vocal analysis to support clinical decisions.

•    Two Decades of Research
•    Automated or Manual 4-minute interview
•    Integrated Technology for More Accurate Assessment 
•    Emergency Access to Mental Health Professionals (24 x 7) if needed

Why use technology to help?

Screening and monitoring mental health issues is essential for early detection, intervention, and treatment. 

Existing screening tools for mental health issues, such as questionnaires and interviews, have limitations that can affect their accuracy and reliability. For example, some screening tools are biased towards certain populations or may not capture the full range of symptoms associated with certain mental health conditions. Additionally, some individuals may not accurately report their symptoms or may not be aware of their symptoms, which can lead to underreporting or misdiagnosis.
missing warning signs.

How does it work?

Just like an X-ray, MRI, or blood test can provide physicians with objective biological metrics (biomarkers) about physical health, Clairity uses vocal biomarkers to help clinicians detect subtle warning signs for suicide and other mental health conditions

Why we do this

At Clarigent Health, we care about people and believe in prioritizing mental health the same as physical health. We believe mental healthcare deserves cutting edge technology which is why we have developed unintrusive AI. We hope clinicians will feel empowered and more person-centered in their work because they can focus on the client/patient in front of them, knowing the AI is there to assist and create a safety net. 

Mental health interview

"Before I attempted to take my life at the Golden Gate Bridge, I had been self-harming, but I had not yet named my suicidal intention. If Clairity had been used with my psychiatrist maybe my nascent suicidal thinking would have been identified sooner" 

-Kevin Hines, Survivor, Storyteller, Film maker

Kevin survived an attempt to take his life in 2000 and now shares his journey and story of hope as a best-selling author, documentary film maker and global public speaker. To learn more about his work

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